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Pegasus Publications Ltd. is the dream child of Dorothy Dobbie who wanted to create something of value to the community after her stint as a federal MP back in the 90s. She created the Manitoba Gardener in 1998, producing the first totally subscription/news- stand-based publication in Manitoba. The company now produces sister Gardener magazines in Alberta and Ontario. 

The key to our success, though,” says Dobbie, “is our great people. All our staff members are firmly commit- ted to publishing useful magazines that add value for the reader, the advertiser and the community.” 

Pegasus now publishes The Hub in conjunction with the Winnipeg airport; Lifestyles 55, a monthly tabloid magazine for the older set; Smart Biz which is dedicated to showing off our opportunities and keeping young people here in Manitoba; as well as the three gardener magazines which showcase our beautiful gardens. Pegasus also produces a bi-annual magazine for the Manitoba Aviation Council and the Aerospace industry as well as a directory for the Assiniboine Chamber of Commerce. 

The employees at Pegasus get involved in other things, too. They launched a Save the Monarch Butterfly campaign last year and this year they helped plant a butterfly garden at Waverly Heights Community Centre. They are participating with the Winnipeg Airport Authority in Plant a Row, Grow a Row for Winnipeg Harvest with garden space generously donated by T &T Seeds. 

On February 3rd Pegasus Publications announced our new partnership with a number of Manitoba’s leading radio, internet, video, printing and marketing operators. Our consortium of professionals are now able to bring a full suite of marketing services to business owners allowing them the opportunity to focus on what they do best, running their business.

Pegasus Publications, TMD Winnipeg, WorkerBee TV, MTS’s MyToba.ca, Prolific Graphics and CJNU Radio invite you to watch the short video on our website to learn more about our new partners and the services that we are now able to provide to serve your needs in the print and digital environment.
Yasmin Concepcion
Author: Yasmin Concepcion
Web/Online Manager
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