• The Pegasus Event

    Sorry it took me a long time to get this to you but hey, better late than never.
    Well it’s been little under one week and the launch has been nothing less than was anticipated, a HUGE success. Many businesses have jumped on board for the early bird specials with the team jumping to action on several different fronts.
    Solutions is the name of the game and we have many. A collective group of individual professionals making it happen right here in the Peg. Magazines, Printing, Marketing, Branding, Video, Website Campaigns, Social Media and so much more. Here are some of the happy faces that were entertained at the event, if you didn’t make it and want to come on board with this new fast moving group, drop us a line, you really wont regret it.
    Pegasus Publications Inc. Movers, Shakers and Makers.