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Ian Leatt

Salads come in so many different varieties these days. It seems to me like every dish consists of something served with salad. In keeping with what appears to be the norm, office workers here came up with a suggestion: fresh baked ham with salad. Well why not? The aroma of the warm, oven-cooked meat is extremely intoxicating. My mouth was watering at the very thought of taking my first bite.

The issues are prominent. We have children committing suicide and bullying in schools and workplaces. It is making us sick and ends up costing us our health and escalating costs for healthcare.

Myrna Driedger
Broadway Journal

We need some civility in what has become a socially acceptable, rude behaviour driven society. I have noticed a general decline in the last decade of politeness and treating others with respect. Road rage, air rage, tearing down the success of others, less respect for the elderly, co-workers and people in general. Never has it been so blatantly front and centre in the news as it has with the election of a new president in the United States. It is not just happening in the States. I have observed it becoming the norm in Canada as well. Incivility is having an impact on the health of society both mentally and physically.

As fentanyl and other opioids gain deeper entry into our neighbourhoods, Manitoba arms police and treatment centres with opioid-fighting naxolone kits, presses feds for broader border detection effort.

Myrna Driedger
Broadway Journal

Lately it seems like we hear daily of yet another accidental death due to fentanyl or one of the other opioids. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid narcotic, linked to an increasing number of overdoses and deaths over the last several years. Fentanyl and other dangerous opioids are showing up in many drugs in our province, killing people of all ages and backgrounds and putting non-users, including children, at risk.



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