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Krystal Stokes
Healthy Living

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome to autumn, it’s a good time to learn about outdoor fall prevention and how we can reduce our risk of falling outside. On my morning runs, I’ve had at least two minor falls in the past year. One involved me and an exposed tree root (the root won) and the other was an uneven surface on the sidewalk that caught the heel of my shoe. What I’ve discovered all on my own is that outdoor falls are more common for middle aged adults than indoor ones. In fact, 72 percent of falls among middle aged adults occur outdoors.

Myrna Driedger
Broadway Journal

Winnipeg is a world class city with many world class features. Winnipeggers know this to be true and it’s great to see events promote our city so others can see this, too. We are a city recognized on the world stage. We are a hub for arts and culture, where movies are made, we have amazing museums and restaurants and beautiful architecture. We have much to be proud of.

By Dorothy Dobbie

As long as the barriers remain up at Portage and Main, Winnipeg can count itself as a second-class city where fear prevails and hope festers.

Those ugly gray barriers are reminiscent of another era when politicians thought they could force people to change their behaviour – it was the same kind of thinking that created the downtown dead-zone, Portage Place, which was to bring people to the city center away from the suburban malls that this kind of thinking had created in the first place.

This thinking was exemplified by the “brutalist” style of architecture that was applied at the Winnipeg police station in the sixties. It was cold and bleak, windowless and alienating.

By Dorothy Dobbie

Millions of LED lights will illuminate the nights for the next six weeks as dusk turns to dark in the days of waning September sunlight.

Lights of the North has arrived in Winnipeg! It’s the first and largest show of its kind ever mounted in Canada.



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