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You’re returning home from Sunday errands. As you drive over a familiar overpass, a car up ahead hits black ice and spins out, forcing you and five other cars to instantly react. If you could freeze this moment and choose whether or not to have winter tires on your vehicle, the decision would be easy. Unfortunately, outside of that moment, the decision to purchase winter tires is clouded by myths and misleading tires names. Let’s cut through the clutter so you can make the most important decision in preparing your vehicle for Winnipeg winter driving.

In Winnipeg on Monday, November 11, 1918, the weatherman forecast warmer temperatures with a high of 28 F. On that day the headline of the Manitoba Free Press declared HUNS QUIT; WAR IS OVER. Four years of slaughter had finally ended in Europe. At two o’clock on that Monday morning, Winnipeggers who had already heard the joyous news from France were starting to gather on Portage Avenue to blow whistles and ring bells.

All day long the crowds grew, and the noise of celebration increased. Shops closed. Bands played hymns of thanksgiving. The people of Winnipeg poured out their relief, their joy, their pride. It was late 1919, before the boys began to come home. They marched up the main streets of our towns and cities, while the drums rolled and the bagpipes skirled– full of pride, but terribly aware of how long they had been away, how much they had missed, all the things that had changed, and the missing ranks of their friends who had not survived.

Krystal Stokes
Healthy Living

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome to autumn, it’s a good time to learn about outdoor fall prevention and how we can reduce our risk of falling outside. On my morning runs, I’ve had at least two minor falls in the past year. One involved me and an exposed tree root (the root won) and the other was an uneven surface on the sidewalk that caught the heel of my shoe. What I’ve discovered all on my own is that outdoor falls are more common for middle aged adults than indoor ones. In fact, 72 percent of falls among middle aged adults occur outdoors.

Myrna Driedger
Broadway Journal

Winnipeg is a world class city with many world class features. Winnipeggers know this to be true and it’s great to see events promote our city so others can see this, too. We are a city recognized on the world stage. We are a hub for arts and culture, where movies are made, we have amazing museums and restaurants and beautiful architecture. We have much to be proud of.



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