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Human Resources
Graeme Burke

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now become a household tool through the use of systems such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, but it’s impact on the business sector is just beginning to scratch the surface. While Elon Musk’s prediction of AI’s world domination has many people skeptical of its effect on the workplace, in the short term, it will lead to many increased efficiencies.

Technologies like chatbots, augmented writing and cognitive computing have the potential to revolutionize the field of Human Resources. Human Resources software companies are now even using artificial intelligence to enhance the recruitment process through ranking programs and even AI driven scheduling assistants.

Social Media
Alyson Shane

Every business owner knows that social media saturation, competitive paid promotions, and fierce online competition in over-saturated marketplaces make it harder than ever for a business to stand out online.

Enter: the Voice + Tone document.

This super-powerful document helps maintain a unique and on-brand "voice" across all of your communication channels. It's critical to help consumers understand your brand's values, mission, and your unique value proposition (UVP.)

State of the City
Brian Bowman

Winnipeg’s a thriving, diverse, modern city that is well on its way to one million people strong. A key part of supporting our growing city is continuing with investments in Winnipeg’s vibrant arts and culture industry. They are integral to our quality of life and have many spinoff benefits to our economy.

A great recent example is when Ubisoft, one of the world’s premier interactive entertainment and gaming companies, announced they’d be opening up shop in Winnipeg with a $35 million investment.

A gaming company represents an interesting cross-section of technology and arts sector jobs where movie production meets the interactivity of the high tech gaming world. Ubisoft was very interested in Winnipeg’s diversity, the pipeline of local talent, and Winnipeg’s position as a growing city.



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